New Arrivals: Two Alley Cats

Meet Two Alley Cats, greeting cards featuring the world’s best feline supermodels! We’re big animal people, so naturally we are overly excited over these new editions to our Party Plus section. Check out some of the greeting cards below. We promise you’ll love them just as much as we do once you’re done reading this!


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Happy Birthday, Socks!

Once upon a time, a small black cat with gorgeous green eyes walked up to our doors — and he never left! Socks was only eight months old when he found our department store. Now he’s eight years old and thinks he runs the place. Our store cat is more than just a pet. He’s our companion, cuddle buddy, head of customer service (he always puts a smile on those that walk through our doors), and the best store mascot in the area.

Happy birthday, Socks. We love ya.